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Bruichladdich is a whiskey distillery located on the Isle of Islay on the west coast of Scotland. It is one of the nine distilleries on the island and the only one to have its own bottling line.

The distillery produces two particularly peaty versions of whiskey: Port Charlotte and Octomore. Bruichladdich also produces an original gin: The Botanist.

Founded in 1881, this Islay distillery faces Bowmore, across Loch Indaal.

In the past, it has produced the least peaty and lightest malts on the island, a characteristic no doubt due to its four stills with particularly high necks. After almost disappearing in 1995, it was taken over by a group of investors who put Jim McEwan (formerly of Bowmore) in charge of the distillation and blends. Since then, it has been a veritable festival of novelties, each more exciting than the next ...

A rare occurrence in Scotland, the Bruichladdich (pronounced “bruk-ladie”) distillery uses an open-air brewing tank. Its onion-shaped stills have a very flat base and a slender body. The Single Malt which bears the name of the distillery is not peated. This one is indeed marked by its marine origins with an iodized nose and a mouth with salty flavors. Prolonged maturation gives it more body, it then becomes greedy and elegant. Bruichladdich also adapts very well to aging in sherry casks.

The distillery produces two particularly peaty versions of whiskey: Port Charlotte and Octomore.

Telling all the experiments of the new Bruichladdich owners would take a long chapter, as the ever-changing minds of Jim McEwan, Master Distiller, and Mark Reynier, owner and founder of Murray McDavid, are challenged.

There was first the distillation of peated malts (Port Charlotte then Octomore, the most phenolic of the distillates ever produced), the triple then the quadruple distillation, not to mention the refining program, for which the "laddies" prefer the term of ACE (Additional Cask Enhancement) to that of finish.

Drawing on their experience in the wine business, the “enfants terribles” at Murray MacDavid are purchasing more and more barrels of wine from the best vineyards and chateaux. In their quest to be different, they have also installed a bottling unit on site, a real challenge that makes it possible to employ the young "Ileachs", the inhabitants of Islay.

Bruichladdich also produces a gin: The Botanist.

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  • Distilled in the famous Bruichladdich distillery on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. An aromatic and subtle structure for a charming and delicate gin.

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  • The Classic Single Malt Laddie unpeated is 100% distilled, aged and bottled on Islay in Scotland Island.Its aromatic profile, typical of the terroir, will give you powerful taste sensations that warm the heart and soul.

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  • Created and distilled with 100% local products (Iverness County barley and Islay spring water), this Single Malt has a strong character, aged in American Bourbon and French wine casks. It is peated at 40 ppm.A rich and intense whisky.

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  • Heavily peated single malt (40 ppm *) from the Bruichladdich distillery, Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2012 is produced from 100% local barley. This whiskey combines the classic peat smoke of Port Charlotte and citrus notes with creamy vanilla and coconut.

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  • Jim McEwan wollte mit Octomore den torfigsten Whisky der Welt kreieren. Mit 107 ppm * hat dieser Octomore 10.1 einen starken Torfcharakter. Dieser Single Malt ist 5 Jahre alt und bietet die gesamte Struktur und Präsenz des Octomore-Geistes.

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