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To let go on the Rosé

To let go on the Rosé

It's summer ! On the billing,  two opposite rosé wines.

Sands of Camargue a "gray" wine by the water.

It is 22 degrees under the sun, the big trend is the rosé "Rose petal", and in this matter our experts are Eleonore and Juliet sipping, with a lot of lightness

and carefree, from lunch to dinner a glass of our Rosé Domaine Figueirasse with three ice cubes.

Of great aromatic finesse, supple and round on the palate.

They also love the mango ice cream and find out why!


The tavel, grand cru Rosé wines from the Côtes du Rhône.

Tavel is a bright rosé wine with a sweet pink, pastel or fuchsia color.

The latest news, do not drink it from a previous vintage.

Oh sacrilegiously keep a rosy wine!

I reassure you, quite the contrary for lovers of deliciously vinous wine only one rule applies : keep it two to three years.

It is well matched all year round with scented cuisine, spicy Asian style and combines well with dishes such as scorpion fish, red mullet or cabottes.

So you can serve them after three years without fear for new flavor combinations.


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      Julian Hamblin
      Sep 29, 2020

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