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Between tradition and modernity

Between tradition and modernity

Between tradition and modernity. The cork or screw cap.

In all simplicity I enjoy opening a bottle of wine in the kitchen while the pans warm up and prepare dinner.

Depending on the menu, tonight I opt for a young white wine.

The first nose has a strong smell of cork. What a desappointment…


So cork or screw cap?

The hexagonal client is too traditional. He can not stand to open a bottle of wine like lemonade but tolerates synthetic stoppers.

The Anglo-Saxons are perfectly comfortable with the screw cap and the Germans use it for their rieslings.


It is not a question of classifying wines by their mode of closure.

A glass stopper is not always intended for a prestigious wine. But to have a more modern consumer approach on flexible and easy wine ranges.

And to have as much wine to put in the sink.

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