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  • Castelmaure

    castelmaure vin des corbieres

    The cellar Embres and Castelmaure is nestled deep in the massive wild Hautes-Corbières.

    The wine flowing from this hard and bitter land has depth and charm. By a gray time, if you do not know what to do and then go to Embres Castelmaure. And then your sadness will vanish before the wilderness. His proud vines tortured hillsides, proud to defy time.

  • Catherine Bernard

    Catherine Bernard produced two original vintages on 3 acres in organic farming only in red wine, on the Saint Drézéry northeast of Montpellier.
    This bottle a blend of Mourvedre and marselan surprise in the current atmosphere to produce the very southern wines opulent characters (wooded) and concentrated (extraction of fruit jam).
    Warning: the philosophy and good humor in the vineyards.
  • Champagne Billecart-Salmon

    champagne billecart salmon

    The champagne Billecart-Salmon in Mareuil-sur-Ay, faithful to its reputation emphasizes quality. The wines of Champagne are remarkable in a very elegant style.

  • Champagne Hervé Mathelin

    Located TroissyNicolas Mathelinwinemaker Champagne grown Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines that make up its Champagne Hervé Mathelin.

    Enjoy a traditional Champagne, soft and supple with notes of hazelnuts and punctuated by a hint of freshness fine bubbles.

  • Champagne Louis Roederer

    champagne louis roederer

    The champagne Louis Roederer is a house of famous champagne for his sophisticated vintages.

    In a style structured with a liveliness and a remarkable curvature, due to wines of guard completing the assembly.

  • Château de Cazeneuve

    cazeneuve pic saint loup

    Chateau de Cazeneuve

    Castle Cazeneuve is located in the town of Lauret north of the Pic Saint Loup appellation.
    André Leenhardts product on a local limestone scree generous and distinguished based syrah wines, Grenache and Mourvedre.
    And a Mediterranean white based Marsanne, Grenache, Viognier and rolle.

  • Château de Fauzan

    chateau de fauzan minervois

    Château de Fauzan  is situated on a clay and limestone plateau altitude on the land of the Liviniere. In recent years Jean Philippe Bourrel offers friendly and rather affordable wines with expressive fruit and a nice area.

  • Château de Gourgazaud


    Domaine de Gourgazaud is leaned against the foothills of the Montagne Noire in the village of La Livinière in Minervois. The estate is renowned for the quality of its dry and elegant white wines.

  • Château de La Mirande

    Domaine de la Mirande established in 1850 is located in the area controlled Picpoul de Pinet in the municipality of Castelnau de Guers name. Born on public land then used as a vineyard manager, Joseph Albajan bought the estate in 1988. Since its first vintage wine is bottled at the property. Each year the awards in various competitions are supporting the efforts of the lovers winemaker with vineyards and hunting wild boar.

    mirande picpoul de pinet

  • Château de la Peyrade

    The PASTOUREL family raises on the 26 hectares of the Domain, planted only in white muscat small grains,
    a varied range of high quality sweet and dry wine. The wines are always of a remarkable finesse.

    chateau de la peyrade frontignan

  • Château des Peyregrandes

    The Château des Peyregrandes vineyard is located on the Roquessels schist to the east of the Faugères appellation.

    faugeres peyregrande
    Marie-Geneviève Boudal painstakingly works out her plots in order to obtain wines combining ample materials and typical Mediterranean wines. Intensity on the nose, fruity bite, all in volume.

  • Château L'Euzière

    chateau l euziere pic saint loup

    Euzière the castle, is an old family estate, run with passion by Marcelle and his brother Michel Causse, Fontanès located north of the Pic Saint Loup appellation.
    The cultivation of grapes, winemaking and wine maturation are perpetuated in the tradition. The wines used to assess the characteristics of wines from Pic Saint Loup aromas namely Aleppo pine, laurel, juniper, thyme and rosemary, with harmonious velvety tannic structure.

  • Château La Négly

    chateau de la négly

    The castle of Négly makes the most of a noble terroir "the clap" on the cliff facing the Sea.

    The Ancely, The Gate of Heaven, Le Clos des Truffiers are three wines that represent the domain. These wines at very low yields, about 10 hectoliters / hectare are harvested at optimum maturity, sorted grain by grain, vinified in wooden conical trunk and finally high two years in new barrels.

    Various vintages illustrate the potential of this land with racy and complex bouquets. The estate also produces very pleasant white wines.

  • Château La Voulte-Gasparets

    chateau voulte gasparets

    Château La Voulte-Gasparets on Boutenac terroir.

    A beautiful land of pebbles, old old Carignan vines, low yields, here is the secret of this area whose reputation is second to none.

  • Château Lascours

    lascours bio pic saint loup

    Château de Lascours is located 25 kilometers north of Montpellier in this magnificent terroir of Pic Saint Loup. Family domain for 4 generations on 32 hectares.
    Clay-limestone soils and a micro-climate allow the development of red wines of great finesse with notes of liquorice, spices and garrigue that give them all their character and freshness.
    Since the 2014 harvest, the wines are certified organic.

  • Château Montfin

    chateau montfin

    Château Montfin Jerome Raymond and Stephen. 
    Located Peyrac-sur-mer on the edge of the pond Montfin Castle is at the foot of the Corbières Maritimes. 
    The cellar récement modernized and careful work in the vineyard have borne fruit, controlled and harmonious wines. 

  • Château Mourgues du Grès


    François Collard operates an exceptional terroir pebbles resting on clay and marl.
    The rollers protect the soil from evaporation and add a touch of freshness and minerality in the wine tasting.
    The richness of the blend contributes to the originality of the assemblies.
    The wines are fruity and elegant, often further.

  • Château Ricardelle

    Chateau ricardelle

    Bruno Pellegrini acquired this area there are twenty years on the naming of Clape south of Narbonne. 
     The Castle Ricardelle and 37.5 hectares of vines surrounded by rich nature between scrub and pond bages
    The various vintages are fairly representative of this diversity.

    Thanks to the work in the vineyard, small yields, vinification is made without yeast addition, the wines are sometimes bottled without filtration or collage thus keeping them all living matter. 
    Very modern, they're in a very seductive register.

  • Clos Saragnat

    It is in Frelighsburg, on one of Quebec’s oldest orchards, that Louise Dupuis and Christian Barthomeuf
    took the first steps back in 2002 that would bring about the creation of Clos Saragnat. The orchard and now vineyard occupy an area 35 hectares

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