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Borie by Maurel Gypse

Domaine Borie de Maurel

Cuvée with disconcerting minerality.
The palate offers a nice volume, on subtle aromas of white fruits, and then continues on fine bitter.
A real pebble juice!

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Domaine Borie de Maurel
Gypse - Le Blanc de la Montagne Noire 2020
Vin de France
Sylvie et Michel Escande à Félines-Minervois             

 le vin du sorcier

The Mountain loves the White!

Here, on sunny days, if you make the effort to climb the foothills of the Montagne Noire, at an altitude of more than 300m, you can see the snow-covered Pyrenees in the early hours of the morning, like an endless alabaster sculpture.

From here, it is obvious that the mountains like white.

From there, we are sure that only a white grape variety can accommodate the minerality, graphite and gunflint, of its high altitude soils, too exuberant to marry with the peaceful tannins of a red wine.
From there, to choose the intelligence and finesse of the Chardonnay grape variety, which knows perfectly well how to sublimate a terroir with a strong personality and produce the greatest white wines in the world.
From there, to ensure the complicity of one of the greatest lovers of this grape variety so that he entrusts us with his best collection of vine plants.
From there, to the fact that this vine, never planted in the Languedoc, produces a wine at a maturity of 13.5° with an acidity of 4.5 (a C.V. of Chablis).
From there, to name this cuvée Gypse after the white and shiny stone that gives this wine its luminous finish.
From there, to the fact that this wine, by its limpidity and its precision, knows how to satisfy you, and perhaps make you vibrate, there is only one step... and it is up to you to take it!

       Grape varieties :
100% chardonnay
      Tasting notes :
A wine with a disconcerting minerality. On this gypsum terroir, the grapes deliver a superb saline tension which combines wonderfully with the fatness of the grape variety. The palate offers a nice volume, on subtle white fruit aromas, and then continues on fine bitters.
     Wine style :
Dry and mineral white wine.
      Food and wine pairing :
Cannelloni of trout with fresh goat cheese and apple and radish pickles. Filet of fish in a cashew sauce with ginger artichoke cream.
      Ageing potential in your cellar :
5 years
     Analysis :
75 cl - 13,5 % volume

Contains sulphites
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.
"Consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child.

Country : France
Region: Languedoc wine
Naming of wines : Wine from France
Color : White wine
Organic wine : Vin Bio
Type of farming: Organic Agriculture
Vintage : 2020
Keep : 5 year guard potential
Style of wines : Dry and mineral white wine
The advice of guides : French Wine Review
Grapes: Chardonnay

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