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  • Hériose is an authentic French single malt whisky with a bold and uninhibited spirit.Without ever denying its past, Hériose whisky relies on quality ingredients, such as French barley or water, drawn from the Boinaud estate in Angeac-Champagne in the Cognac region.

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  • Signature whisky of the Castan distillery, in Occitania, Vilanova Berbie offers a beautiful balance between malty notes (almond, raisin, dark chocolate), fruity (cooked apple, cherry) and greedy (caramel, vanilla, honey)Enthralling and accomplished, this whisky is one of those early whiskies that reach maturity well before the others

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  • Heriosis has crafted a whisky with a delicate peatiness from a subtle blend of peated and unpeated barley.The peat remains light in this edition, to allow both connoisseurs and novices to discover something different.Limited Edition

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  • With a lot of character and precision, this version emphasizes the work accomplished for more than ten years by the Domaine des Hautes Glaces.Thus its aromatic and gustatory palette restores the herbaceous nuances of a barley field, those more brioche of a malting area. Without forgetting the very beautiful oxidative influence of the yellow wine of...

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