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    Le vin du mois le nez dans le verre


    Saint-Chinian wine 

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    Sometimes fruity, supple and generous, sometimes full-bodied, long finish and typed some wines of Saint-Chinian their fullness youth while others will have to wait 3-5 years.

    In this region of hunters, we like to dream when winter is here, game expertly barbecued in large fireplaces, powerful wine with sparkling ruby red with aromas of red fruit and cysts (small shrubs fragile white or pink flowers).

    • Monts De La Grace Millésime 2016 Excellent value for money that this wine Remy, powerful and ripe nose releases aromas of red fruits. A beautiful presence in the mouth. A delightful wine.

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    • Monts de La Grace Millésime 2015 Color with ruby tints. Simple nose, aromas of spices, plum and smoke point.This red has soft tannins and good acidity.This wine fits perfectly in my quest for good typed and cheap wines.

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    • Tradition  millésime 2017 A nice well balanced wine with aromas of red fruits, spices and licorice. On the palate, melted tannins and a sustained finish.It is proposed on the slate of the bistrot of the Artists in suggestion to accompany Pieds and Paquets to the Provençale.

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    • Saint-Chinian millésime 2016 The cherry color with aromas of cherries, cassis, mint and licorice.Chastened of tannins and a more present than on the previous vintage.

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    • Saint-Chinian Millésime 2016 No need to taste a Patagonian wine to have flavor and fruit, on the terroir of Saint-Chinian, Pascal Brunet at Domaine Marie de Lauzerda produces fleshy, generous and sunny wines with notes of thyme and garrigue. The southern spirit in the bottle.

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    • Saint Chinian millésime 2015 Yves Falmet, winemaker is installed on the appellation of Saint Chinian.Falling under the spell of this authentic place, he cultivates his vines like his garden.

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    • Saint-Chinian milllésime 2017 Located on the beautiful slopes of Berlou, Joel Fernandez, an endearing winemaker draws the quintessence of his shale. Typical wines with the character of this wild soil.Regularly reported by the guides, these wines have potential.

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    •  millésime 2016 Both concentrated and easily accessible, the wines of Domaine Mas Champart are an expression of terroir with aromas of garrigue.A particular style respecting the purity of fruit and freshness.

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    • Saint-Chinian millésime 2017

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    • Saint-Chinian blanc millésime 2016 Golden color with green highlights.The wooded area is fine and well integrated into the nose. The fruit flavors are delicate and precise. In short smoothness and fluidity.

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    • Saint-Chinian Millésime 2016 Beautiful ruby color.Bouquet with woody notes are not ignoring the racy fruit (candied fruit, marmalade tip).Well balanced with tannins unaggressive, elegant finish. Well controlled.

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    •  millésime 2014 A nice nose of cassis , ripe fruit and chocolate .The palate is fleshy , broad, with silky tannins on the red fruit.The finish is ample on a slight acidity.Good care , this wine is both concentrated and elegant.

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    • Saint-Chinian millésime 2017 This 2017 vintage is crystal clear with silver highlights. On the nose, delicate aromas of white flowers and fresh fruit. In the mouth, the hazelnut is present. Finesse and elegance.

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    • Saint-Chinian millésime 2016 Fine and racy, this wine will accompany with charm a baron of lamb or pigeons roasted with juniper.

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