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Le vin du mois le nez dans le verre

Elegant wine 

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A selection of elegant and refined red wines from authentic winemakers, with typical characteristics of their appellations and grape varieties.

  • The fruity mouth offers suppleness and volume. The finish shows a light smoke characteristic of these volcanic soils.

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  • So young and already so delicious, Gueule de Loup is an excellent juicy and supple red, to be served a little chilled.A very pleasant style that we would like to see more often in Provence.

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  • A very elegant wine.A tender and suave mouthfeel comes to seduce the palate with its intensity of ripe cherry bordered by silky tannins leading to a lingering finish.The natural side of this beautiful pinot impresses!

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  • Bacoo rum is native to the Dominican Republic, 100% cane juice, distilled before being aged for 11 years in bourbon barrels.A full rum, with aromas and flavors of chocolate caramel, vanilla with a velvety and medium-bodied hint of honey.Tasty !

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