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A unique combination between a mild climate and different geographical conditions made Chile an ideal country for a production with a wide variety of wine styles based international varieties.

The naming system in Chile is divided into four major wine regions from north to south.
Then a sub-classification determines the Valley from wine.

The emergence of great terroirs of the country is around the capital.
Grands Crus as Almaviva, Montes, Los Vascos are widely recognized.

  • Its intense nose of exotic fruits, white flowers and a delicate touch of honey transports us. The mouth reveals a nice balance between freshness and sweetness, identity of its soil.A real invitation to travel!

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  • This wine is defined as pure, delicate and precise pinot juice with a silky texture, it is particularly delicious.

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  • A Carmen from one of the best regions for this grape, the Colchagua Valley.

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  • A wine representative of the best of old Carignan vines with chili, power and character with finesse.

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  • Maturana, by José-Ignacio Maturana, is a true artisanal wine, almost a garage wine.A palette that is very faithful to the image and idea of ​​this Cabernet Sauvignon at this latitude. It is not an extracted wine, the tannins are balanced and bring good length.

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  • Juicy and greedy fruit with spicy and chocolate nuances.Dense and fleshy wine, well structured with nice tannins and a good volume in the mouth.

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