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Rhum blanc 

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  • White agricultural rum distilled from fresh cane, pressed only once to extract its nectar.Distilled in a copper still, it is slowly reduced to 50.9% alc.vol.A very round rum with a nice length, rich in mineral and peppery notes. A harmonious and intense whole.

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  • The aromatic bouquet unveiled by this organic cachaça is of great complexity and allows amateurs to discover the taste of the land and the Brazilian tradition.

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  • Blend of the four municipalities: Baraderes, Cavaillon, Pignon and Saint-Michel. Unity is strength !

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  • The nose, intense and greedy, opens with notes of ripe cane and evolves into exotic fruits. The palate, creamy and fresh, offers aromas of freshly cut cane with a hint of sweet pepper. Exotic fruits gradually take precedence and end with sweet spices.

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  • Pleasant vegetal notes emanate from this clairin. On the palate, spices, ginger and liquorice share the spotlight.

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  • This clairin oscillates between classicism and unbridled exuberance. Extraordinary!

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  • New Bacolet, a new pre-cask rum made from pure cane juice by local renegade Mark Reynier.This rum offers rich, complex, earthy, floral vegetal notes with a dry, balanced finish.

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  • This magnificent agricultural rum, bottled at natural degree, is produced by Gianni Capovilla, a great master of distillation.A white rum that has become a cult, a true concentrate of cane!

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