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Tequila - Mezcal 

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  • In a modern bottle, a powerful blanco tequila: pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, blackcurrant, macadamia and menthol freshness.

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    Out of stock
  • Balanced and sweet reposado tequila, marked by white chocolate and black pepper.

    39,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Rich and intense tequila with notes of marzipan, chocolate, green pepper and a fresh finish on white pepper.

    39,00 €
  • The nose is marked by lemon, smokiness, fresh tobacco and vanilla. The palate begins with candied orange, followed by fruity and spicy notes. The finish is subtle and spicy. Very nice complexity!

    49,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Distilled twice from the espadin variety of agave, this artisanal mezcal is marked by notes of red fruits, spices and flowers.It is a very good introduction to traditional Mezcals.

    49,50 € In Stock
    In Stock
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