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The best Portugal's red wines are produced in the regions of Dão, Douro and Alentejo. The little new one, the Palmela region also produce very interesting red wines since a few years. Red wines are often powerful and structured. They are oak aged more or less longer giving expressive wines with aromas of spices, licorice and cocoa.

But the best known wine is obviously the Porto. This wine belongs to the category of mutated wines and is made from differents grapes varieties. The mutated wines vinification is done by adding a brandy wine during fermentation. The barrels aging  will be at least three years with 2 different types of Porto: Tawny and Ruby. Porto is only produced in the Douro region. The word Porto is an onomastic from the city of the same name. While the region of the city of Porto produces white wines and is called Vinho Verde.

Other mutated wines are produced in Portugal such as Madeira and Sebutal Moscatel.

Although Portugal has never really been known for its white wines, there is one known worldwide: Vinho Verde. A crispy white wine with aromas of citrus and lemon. Very pleasant.

The Portuguese vineyard is mainly exploited by small producers each with a small plot called Quinta.

  • A wine with precise scents of plum, blackcurrant and pepper. The palate is juicy, energetic with ripe tannins

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  • This vinho verde reflects the terroir, with a balanced and complete profile. The loureiro grape retains its freshness and impeccable balance.

    13,50 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • An incredibly light and accessible wine that invites you to drink it. . Pure pleasure! Naturally cool!

    13,90 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • A complex nose with very dense fruit. On the palate, the attack is smooth and tannic at the same time with a nice density of slightly spicy black fruits.It's delicious, original with great aging potential.

    14,50 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This tawny Port, subtle and delicate, expressing its fruitiness and slightly spicy aromas, is an ideal companion for the aperitif or at the end of a meal. You will be seduced by its roundness.

    16,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Churchill's Estates dry red wine has excellent structure and acidity on the palate, showing purity of fruit combined with elegance and a long, complex finish.

    16,80 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This wine presents a moderately dry palate, with well integrated sugar, with powerful notes of dried fruits, nuts, hazelnuts, molasses and caramel. Elegant finish marked by a beautiful liveliness.

    19,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This wine offers an austere profile with exceptional freshness. A complex nose combines lemony and floral notes with a beautiful minerality.

    19,50 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Porto wine from the Grand Cru vineyard of Portugal Ruby Porto Aging in barrels and oak casks gives this port aromas of cherry and currants. Distinguished, with flavors of red fruits and figs. Crisp and suave in the final.

    20,00 € In Stock
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  • A very dynamic young port with a lot of natural acidity, but also a balance and a pedigree denoting its origins as a grade "A" vineyard.

    20,50 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • A very pretty Madeira wine with a complex nose, revealing a fresh bouquet with raisins, dried fruits, wood and spices.A captivating wine!

    21,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This wine shows the typical characteristics of a 10 year old tawny, but with the delicacy of white Port. Ripe quince, a hint of honey and aromas of wild flowers come to mind. Impressive concentration, it ends with an intense, finely woody persistence.

    24,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • A light and full-bodied wine with a characteristic nose of hazelnut and sweet citrus. Fruity on the palate with contained alcohol and acidity.

    25,20 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Rare, attractive, powerful port. Notes of toffee, figs, nuts, nutmeg. Persistent richness, long finish. Characteristic of the great complexity of port wines aged for a long time and from a great vintage.

    25,50 € In Stock
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  • Produced in a style and quality similar to vintage port, LBV port offers powerful sensations, a rich nose, a structured palate and a long finish.

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    In Stock
  • The palate is full and fleshy with a nice sap of tannin. It is a concentrated wine with good energy in the mouth. A tonic acidity gives the wine dynamism.

    29,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Vibrant palate with intense minerality, where gunpowder notes are evidentGreat complexity!

    39,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • Concentrated, with a mixture of anise and berry flavours, dried berries and cherries.In the final, white pepper, sage and tarragon.

    52,00 € In Stock
    In Stock
  • This 2011 vintage is elegant, fruity, solid without being harsh, voluptuous, with balanced tannins. Very long and complex.Magnificent today, great in 10 to 30 years!

    69,00 € In Stock
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  • This vintage port has a raw luster, combining a purity of fruit with a vein of natural acidity, which gives it great aging potential.

    79,00 € In Stock
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