Le vin du mois le nez dans le verre



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The best Portugal's red wines are produced in the regions of Dão, Douro and Alentejo. The little new one, the Palmela region also produce very interesting red wines since a few years. Red wines are often powerful and structured. They are oak aged more or less longer giving expressive wines with aromas of spices, licorice and cocoa.

But the best known wine is obviously the Porto. This wine belongs to the category of mutated wines and is made from differents grapes varieties. The mutated wines vinification is done by adding a brandy wine during fermentation. The barrels aging  will be at least three years with 2 different types of Porto: Tawny and Ruby. Porto is only produced in the Douro region. The word Porto is an onomastic from the city of the same name. While the region of the city of Porto produces white wines and is called Vinho Verde.

Other mutated wines are produced in Portugal such as Madeira and Sebutal Moscatel.

Although Portugal has never really been known for its white wines, there is one known worldwide: Vinho Verde. A crispy white wine with aromas of citrus and lemon. Very pleasant.

The Portuguese vineyard is mainly exploited by small producers each with a small plot called Quinta.

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