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  • Distillerie Miyagikio et Yoichi - Japon  Voted best Japanese blended whiskey under 12 years at the World Whisky Awards 2008 , Nikka Whisky from the Barrel is a Japanese whiskey matured in bourbon casks .  Nikka Whisky from the barrel is made from two single malts Nikka group completed a grain whiskey.

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  • Cold unfiltered and bottled whisky at 50%.Fuji Sanroku is a sweet whisky with hints of chocolate, vanilla, praline and caramel

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  • This Yoichi bottling is today the only representative of Nikka's historic single malt. A blend of whiskies of different ages, it expresses a subtle balance between smoky, fruity and floral aromas.

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  • Fine and elegant, Hakushu Distiller's Reserve is a blend of lightly peated and very peated spirits, marked by notes of citrus (yuzu and lemon), mint and smoked tea

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  • A symphony of at least ten malt and grain whiskies, aged in five different casks from the Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita distilleries.Delicately balanced, smooth and slightly sweet, made to enhance any gastronomy.

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  • Made by Japan's oldest distillery, Yamazaki single malt is the perfect combination of Scottish craftsmanship and Japanese refinement.This 12 year old is no exception, possessing both the complexity and freshness of the great Speyside single malts and a hint of floral and smoky aromas.

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  • The Hakushu distillery, founded in 1973, has the particularity to produce rather tonic single malts with a green and fresh character.Hakushu 12 year old is a single malt with rich and complex aromas and a very light smoky note. We are seduced by its surprising freshness.To be discovered!

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  • A rarity: the 2022 edition of the peated version of Chichibu!A single malt with a strong smoky character and a balance between sweetness and peat. In the mouth, notes of sweet and light custard, fruity aromas, black tea and peat smoke

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