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Vin de macération 

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  • The prolonged contact of the juice with the skin of the grapes gives a richness of white fruit aromas and ginger notes that mingle on the palate. Marked by a beautiful lemony acidity, it is a wine that has the capacity to become more complex with age.

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  • A maceration wine, a white wine vinified like a red wine from whole grapes.Goodbye to the beautiful yellow colour with green reflections, welcome to the orange, the salinity and the fins tannins.A great discovery for many tasters who love strong sensations.

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  • Dry white wine, from the Petit Manseng variety, vinified as a red, in maceration.Slightly tannic in the mouth but without heaviness, a very long finish.

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  • This wine wonderfully shows the aromatic expressions of the grape, great tropical notes, apple and a hint of rose petals.

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  • A gastronomic maceration, textured, a little tannic, with citrus aromas and notes of pomelo, which remains easily digestible and salivating

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  • An excellent introduction to dry white macerated wines.

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  • It is an energetic fiano, produced using indigenous yeasts, structured on the palate by a few days of skin maceration before pressing.

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  • An orange wine with an elegant and refined aromatic bouquet reminiscent of springtime freshness.A monument of complexity with a disarming flavour. The taste is indeed fresh and very sapid

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  • This original, long and complex maceration wine is distinguished by its minerality and tension.

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  • Maceration wine, almost orange. The scents of honey and wild white flowers of the mountainous island of Chios are distinct, the acidity of the Assyrtiko grape variety reinforces its personality

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  • Underlying minerality in the mouth but balanced with acidity and fruit.All this is concentrated around the fruity, structured and acidic taste, with a nice saline finish.

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  • Magistral world-class natural dry white wine. Extremely complex nose with lots of minerality, floral accents and fully ripe white stone fruits. Refined taste palette, extreme finesse.

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  • Orange, spicy, lemony, salivating wine with that earl grey tea finish.A rare wine

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  • It is a traditional orange wine that Daniel decided to produce from a few bunches of white Carignan from his oldest vine. It is his smallest production, a confidential wine.

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  • This white maceration wine (orange wine) is bluffing: notes of citrus, candied fruit and white flowers, fresh, seductive palate, mixing both sensuality and liveliness.

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