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Château de Plaisance Macération

A gastronomic maceration, textured, a little tannic, with citrus aromas and notes of pomelo, which remains easily digestible and salivating

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Château de Plaisance

Macération 2020

Vin de France

France - Anjou


In the heart of the Anjou Noir region, in the Chaume, Quart de Chaume and Savennières terroirs, Plaisance has been organically farmed since 1995 and biodynamically since 2008.
Taken over from the Rochais family by Vanessa Cherruau, a young woman from Anjou in her thirties, Plaisance is a story of the heart: a place, a meeting, a soul. And the potential of this thousand-year-old terroir became obvious.

The adventure thus begins on September 12, 2019, with a baby in the belly and half a new team under the hood. A crazy project. An unconscious dream...


"Maceration" was born on a whim with the idea of making a wine from macerated chenins. From the Chaume hillock, the biodynamically cultivated chenins spread their roots in soils composed of schist, spilite, sandstone and pudding. Hand-harvested and semi-de-stemmed, the berries were then macerated for seven days on the skins, before a vinification conducted by indigenous yeasts, without any input.

The label is the result of a collaboration with the artist Katrien de Blauwer, a specialist in collage. She designed the visual after a blind tasting of the wine, letting herself be carried away by what the wine inspired: "a wine to share with friends in the heat of the summer".


Grape varieties :

100% chenin (on schist).
This is a micro-cuvée of chenin, semi-perfumed and macerated for 7 days.

Tasting notes:

The maceration on the skin brings an extra texture, an almost tannic impression to this dark coloured white, with charming notes of pomelo, with a perfect balance between roundness and acidity on the palate. A powerful, digestible and salivating wine.

Wine style :

Dry white wine of pellicular maceration, tannic and mineral.

Food and wine pairing:

Green and red mizuna salad with mango vinaigrette and candied gizzards. Supreme of Bresse poultry in a ballotine with foie gras, pea purée.

Ageing potential in your cellar :

8 years

Analytical :

75 cl - 13 % volume


Contains sulphites

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

"Consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child.

Country : France
Region: Loire Valley wine
Naming of wines : Wine from France
Color : White wine
Organic wine : Vin Bio, Demeter
Type of farming: Organic Agriculture, biodynamic agriculture
Vintage : 2020
Keep : Childcare potential of 8 years and over
Style of wines : Maceration wine, Dry and deep white wine
The advice of guides : French Wine Review
Grapes: Chenin

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