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  • Awayuki is a light, fruity sparkling sake with floral notes on the finish.There are aromas of hazelnut, vanilla and honey.

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  • This sake is truly unique and stands out thanks to very pronounced peach and pear aromas.

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    In Stock
  • Made by Asahi Kurabu Sake, this modern-style sake is remarkably fresh. Due to the variety of kameno rice, it expresses a floral, candied and kirschy cherry flavour.

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    Out of stock
  • This Takeno Asahi Kurabu is an unfiltered, dry, very light and refreshing sake with a delicate aroma, similar to morning dew on fresh herbs.Fresh and fruity. Well balanced 

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    In Stock
  • Katori 90 is a 100% organic, natural, purely artisanal sake from Terada Honke, founded in the 17th century.Rich and complex aromatic palette.Superb!

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  • This Yoichi bottling is today the only representative of Nikka's historic single malt. A blend of whiskies of different ages, it expresses a subtle balance between smoky, fruity and floral aromas.

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