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Renegade Pre-Cask new Bacolet


New Bacolet, a new pre-cask rum made from pure cane juice by local renegade Mark Reynier.
This rum offers rich, complex, earthy, floral vegetal notes with a dry, balanced finish.

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Pre-Cask  - Single Farm Origin
New Bacolet

Rhum blanc pur canne



With his experience of making single malts in Scotland and especially in Ireland with Waterford, Mark Reynier is embarking on the adventure of making rum on the island of Grenada with Renegade Rum. An ultra-modern distillery, driven by a deep respect for the sugar cane and the land, and respecting total traceability. A disruptive philosophy that should give birth to great rums.
The Renegade distillery is a modern marvel precisely designed to exalt the individuality of the terroirs, the purity of the prolonged fermentation, and a thoughtful and rigorous distillation.

New Bacolet Terroir: More rugged than neighbouring Vieux Bacolet, the natural amphitheatre of New Bacolet is a steep-sided, sun-scorched, south-facing bowl with drought-sensitive cane on the weathered upper slopes and lush growth on the deep, rich colluvial soils below - a classic exploration of terroir. For this rum, Renegade harvested the sucrose-rich variety called Lacalome Red from the "Goat Hill" field, which lies in the terroir known as Haute Combe.

New Bacolet is enclosed and sheltered by forest to the north, and slopes down to the south. Being based along a mountainside, which is steeper than most of the other Renegade farms, the excavation of the land was the most difficult. Four terroirs were identified on 21 hectares, and Renegade planted the Yellow Lady and Lacalome Red varieties.


     Tasting notes:

Nose: The cane notes are subtle and give way to the expression of some ripe fruit notes.

Palate: Balance between the salinity of the aromas and a second aromatic palette guided by bitterness and black olive.

Finish: Fresh and subtle.


70 cl
50 % volume

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