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A1710 Bête à Feu

White agricultural rum distilled from fresh cane, pressed only once to extract its nectar.
Distilled in a copper still, it is slowly reduced to 50.9% alc.vol.
A very round rum with a nice length, rich in mineral and peppery notes. A harmonious and intense whole.

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Located in the heart of the Habitation du Simon estate, in the commune of Le François in Martinique, the A 1710 distillery is the result of a long process of study and research. Passionate about his country and its know-how, Yves Assier de Pompignan, its founder, has designed this complex guided by the search for technical excellence as well as by the exploration of flavours and tastes. His goal is to reveal the extraordinary and exclusive character of A 1710 rums.
The A 1710 brand and logo recall the union between the hard work of the land, illustrated by the poisonous snake, which once wreaked havoc on the cane cutters, and the craftsmanship symbolised by the "A". "1710" pays tribute to the year when Yves Assier de Pompignan's ancestors arrived in Martinique.

Bête à Feu, Bêt à Fé for those who know them well, or Luciole for the more scientific.
In the West Indian and Martinique culture, white punch is a real institution and an integral part of the local culture. If you take it when you wake up, it will be called "decolaj" or "mise à Feu", the one at 10 am, dry, could be called simply "Feu", and at noon your white punch, this time with a touch of sugar and a zest of lemon, could be called "Ti Feu" or "5%" (a small name given to the typical white punch made of 95% white rum and 5% cane sugar).

Bête à Feu is a white agricultural rum distilled from fresh cane, pressed only once.
The long cane, cut by hand, is transported to the three-roll mill of the A1710 distillery. It is crushed only once to extract the nectar.
Distilled in a copper still with a 7 tray column, Bête à Feu is then slowly reduced to 50.9%.

Nose: initial notes of fresh cane, floral and honey. Completed by a mineral character (flint) and citrus zest. For a harmonious and intense ensemble.
Palate: Expression of floral and fruity aromas (pear and honey).
Finish: Long-lasting on the palate, with mineral notes and a hint of pepper.

Analysis :
70 cl
50,9 % Alc. volume
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink in moderation.
"The consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child.

Country : France
Region: La Martinique
Spirits : Rhum Ron Rum

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