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Port Charlotte 10 ans


Created and distilled with 100% local products (Iverness County barley and Islay spring water), this Single Malt has a strong character, aged in American Bourbon and French wine casks. It is peated at 40 ppm.
A rich and intense whisky.

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Port Charlotte

10 ans

Single Malt Whisky

Ecosse - Islay

Port Charlotte is reinventing its range and packaging in 2018 to make way for this 10 year old, which replaces the distillery's 'Scottish Barley'. Still made from 100% Scottish barley from Inverness and spring water from Islay, this highly peated single malt (40 ppm) is aged 65% in first-fill American whiskey casks, 10% in second-fill American whiskey casks and 25% in second-fill French wine casks.
The new packaging of the Port Charlotte range in green glass bottles is a nod to the design of the peated whisky bottles produced by other Islay distilleries. However, the distillery is keen to ensure that its single malt is conceived, distilled, aged and bottled on Islay.

Bottled at the distillery with Islay spring water, not chill filtered and without colouring.


Tasting notes:

Nose: the smoky scent of peat lingers, while dry, earthy notes are also discernible. Both peaty and ashy, it then gives way to oak, revealing its delicacy in waves: soft toffee, fudge, vanilla custard, enhanced by a touch of ginger, a pinch of nutmeg and clove. A drop of water is enough to soften the citrus fruits and the gourmet lemon and clementine meringue, which release their fresh notes

Palate: soft and delicate. The balance of flavours is sublime as the power of peat wraps around the sweetness and depth of oak. Coconut, vanilla custard and lemon honey then meet smoked oysters and warm sun-drenched sand.

Finish: The finish is splendid. Smoky, of course, but also sweet with flavours of caramel and malted barley. The depth of the oak also allows orange, mango and banana-caramel pie to make an appearance. With each sip, the flavours intermingle and reveal their complexity. Notes of apple and ripe apricot follow the back and forth of peat smoke. The sweetness of malt and oak add to this delicate combination, which is enhanced by Port Charlotte's signature dry smoke.

*Phenolic compounds, in parts per million, measure the impact of the oily peat smoke that settles on the germinated barley as it dries. The longer the time, the higher the ppm value.
In Scotland, in the Speyside region, the average phenol level varies between 2 and 3 ppm. On the island of Islay, this level can reach 80 ppm or even 107 ppm as in Octomore 10.1.


Analytical :

50 % volume - 70 cl

Country : Scotland
Region: Islay
Spirits : Whiskey

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