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Château Lilian Ladouys Saint-Estèphe

Château Lilian Ladouys Saint-Estèphe

I am always amazed when a customer in the cellar tells me not to appreciate a Bordeaux wine.

This Sunday we left the reserve for lunch a wine of Saint-Estèphe the castle Lilian Ladouys, vintage Bourgeois in a small vintage, the 2012.

The color of her dress is still purple, for a wine this year it was amazement!
Aromas of violet and blackcurrant while delicacy.
A fruity attack then hollow ending with a note of vanilla but no dry tannins. Pretty short in the mouth.

Funny impression, it looks surprisingly like a wine from us but more velvety and not at all spicy, and by its maturity close to certain wines of Argentina.

It was really nice and it perfectly matched with the almost veal tomato.

I will, as often, have to explain to my customers to the taste "Southern" that there are wonderful Bordeaux.

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