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Gin trend

Gin trend

Edinburgh Gin

In the evening it is with a lot of detachment that I read El Pais Semanal, preferably in my old club chair. A real cliché! 

A hushed atmosphere to discover the summary of this weekly and browse the various reports on the gastronomy and wines of the Iberian Peninsula. 

I particularly appreciate this moment is serenity with two fingers of our new gin from the Edinburgh distillery embellished with a small slice of orange. 

Edinburgh Gin's hand-crafted distillery, nestled in the heart of the capital just a few steps from Edinburgh Castle, has become an ambassador for the "London Dry Gin" style.

Its fragrances come only from natural ingredients, without additions of artificial colors or flavors and the residual sugar level after distillation is very low.

Edinburgh Gin Seaside is directly inspired by the coastline that borders the city. It is distilled with seaweeds and Scottish herbs, to symbolize in bottle the mysterious charm of the coast.

edinburgh gin seaside écosse

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