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A provocative muscat !

A provocative muscat !

From time to time I am very happy to surprise my guests as an aperitif, for the occasion I open a bottle of natural sweet wine, a muscat of Frontignan.

Near the city of Sète between sea and scrubland, the castle of La Peyrade is one of the references of the appellation.

Small-bodied muscats bask in the sun on calcareous soils and cool off at night from the sea entrances.
The Pastourel family produces a whole range of luminous muscatel.

I opted for the vintage "Sol Invictus" with a pale yellow color and green reflections, with a beautiful shine.
It exudes a nose of citrus and exotic fruit, delicate and crunchy on the palate, it ends with aromas of lemon.

It causes the taste buds!
I serve it on shrimp and avocado tartar verrines or on a watermelon and cucumber salad in summer.

Here are the appellations of the Languedoc producing muscat.

Muscat de Frontignan
Muscat de Lunel
Muscat of Mireval
Muscat of Saint Jean de Minervois.


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