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Saragnat Ice Cider 375 ml

Clos Saragnat

Produit du Québec Récolte 2012

The farm cider is obtained from 4 varieties of cider apples. The apples are harvested and pressed immediately.
The juice thus recovered ferment naturally transforming sugar into alcohol and gas bubbles.
The result is a cider of character with a flavor marked by the chosen blend. It is usually half dry between sweet and raw.

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 Cidre de Glace


375 ml

The first Ice Cider was created by Christian Barthomeuf winter 1989/1990 and the first bottles bearing the 1990 vintage.
Christian exploited this to Dunham under the name "Pomelière" from 1992 to 1996.
The authorities refused the name Ice Cider and the product was then called sweet cider, hard cider or cider very gentle.
In late 1996, Christian was hired as a consultant by the Pouvac orchard in Hemmingford to design and develop a cider that famous Cider including Quebec
beginning to hear. He suggested renaming the smallholding. The suggestion was accepted Christian; "Verger Pouvac" became "The Dark Side of Apple" Snow and then Frimas were born.
It was only in July 1999 that "The Cider House Saint Nicolas" St Nicolas finally got the authorities the right to call Ice Cider.
It took 10 years for this fabulous product finally gets the name it deserves.
The mention Cider Ice therefore appears on the 1998 vintages (bottled in 1999).
In 2000, "Domaine Pinnacle," young company with an orchard in Frelighsburg, also appealed to Christian in order to develop there the Ice Cider.
This company has experienced tremendous growth propelled by four years the Ice Cider worldwide. It is also for "Domaine Pinnacle" Christian Barthomeuf developed the first Sparkling Ice Cider in 2004.
Similarly, in 2002, Louise Dupuis and Christian Barthomeuf created "Clos Saragnat" always Frelighsburg, on the site of an old orchard,
in order to develop an Ice Cider winter collection and various aperitifs ciders. "Clos Saragnat" also produces Vin de Paille and Ice Wine; all in organic farming.
The "Fundacion of Sidra" and el "Museo de la Sidra" in Spain recognized this early invention and handed the Premio 2007 at Christian Barthomeuf. It is followed by a statement in parliament in Ottawa the same year and The World of Ice Cider also officially recognized in 2008 with the invention.
It's even in 2008 that Christian won the 45th gold medal for its various winemaking (Wines and Ciders Ice).
Honors and awards do not stop there because Christian received an invitation to a state dinner in Ottawa with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.
A brief warm private meeting between the Prince and Christian ensued.
On 24 June 2011, this time it is the Governor General's Award for the Arts of the Table which was handed to Christian, always in Ottawa.
After developing several million bottles for both large companies cited above, Christian decided in 2003 to make ice cider without treatment on apple and without any chemical additives in the finished product.

Domain Saragnat closed
domaine du clos saragnat

Christian therefore plant Clos Saragnat 15 different varieties of old apple varieties and wild varieties selected.
These apple trees scattered in small parcels up to 100 highly suitable for growing in agro-ecosystem that we practice since. We produce since 2008 ice cider without application of any kind on our trees.

With the experience gained with this kind of "clean" apples
Christian developed the first certified organic ice cider in 2009 for a small business and Clos du Suroit Saragnat got its own certification in 2011.

Saragnat-ice ciderThe cider is produced from 4 varieties of cider apples.
The apples are picked and pressed immediately.
The thus recovered juice ferments naturally gradually transforming sugar into alcohol and gas bubbles.
This results in a character cider flavor marked by the selected assembly. It is generally medium dry (between soft and gross) or gross. The cider changes with time in the bottle, and becomes drier.
All ciders are fermented with indigenous yeasts.

Avalanche 2012 Harvest Organic Ice Cider and Organic
9.5% alc. flight.
Product of Quebec

logo-bio-cidre de glace

Country : Canada
Region: Quebec Ice Cider
Organic wine : Vin Bio
Type of farming: Organic Agriculture
Vintage : 2012
Keep : Wine ready to drink
Sweet cider sweet cider from canada

Ice cider

Ice cider information

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