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Capovilla Il Paradiso di Manfredi Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino

Il Paradiso di Manfredi, a famous Tuscan estate, gives the maestro Vittorio Gianni Capovilla the mark obtained from the vinification of Brunello di Montalcino.
The result is this rarity of exceptional quality!

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Il Paradiso di Manfredi 2012

Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino

Vittorio Gianni Capovilla is recognized worldwide as one of the best distillers. Inhabited by an unreasonable passion for fruit, this former mechanic set out in search of the rarest and most surprising varieties throughout the Alps and Italy or in France and Romania. A true technician in the service of nature, he has been searching since 1976 through the many patents he has filed, both in terms of distillation, conservation and reduction before bottling, to purify his spirits. to draw the quintessence of fruit and grape marc.

Grappa distilled by maestro Vittorio Gianni Capovilla in double distillation in a bain-marie from the marcs of Brunello di Montalcino of the famous Tuscan estate Il Paradiso di Manfredi. It was in 1950 that Manfredi Martini and his wife Fortunata bought the farm "Il Paradiso", a farm not far from Montalcino. Today, more than half a century later, this tradition and this desire to produce a wine capable of best expressing the typical characteristics of the territory are perpetuated unchanged thanks to the work of Florio Guerrini, son-in-law of Manfredi. Respect for nature, traditional vinification, long waits, these are just some of the ingredients declared by those who like to define themselves as the "guardian" of Il Paradiso. In fact, here it is possible to talk about natural viticulture, the work of man is only to support what nature, every year, is able to offer. The resulting wines are wonderful wines, among the most brilliant examples of all that Montalcino is able to express with his Brunello.

Every year, Il Paradiso di Manfredi gives the Capovilla distillery the marc obtained from the vinification of Brunello di Montalcino. This is how this Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino was born, produced according to the traditional distillation system in a water bath. It rests in stainless steel tanks and is reduced with spring water for bottling, without the addition of sugars or other product. It is pure and quality.

This grappa is transparent and bright to the eye. Complex and harmonious on the nose, with notes directly related to the brunello grape variety (Montiovino's own sangiovese variety). Warm, enveloping and soft mouthfeel, characterized by a strong alcoholic note but never aggressive.

A rarity of exceptional quality!

50 cl

45% vol.

Country : Italy
Region: Wine of Tuscany
Spirits : Grappa

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