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Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2021

Hampden Estate

Limited Edition
The 2021 version of Hampden Great House reveals generous fruity, chocolatey and mentholated fragrances of great voluptuousness. Refreshed by infusions of aromatic plants and then more candied notes. The medicinal, camphorated and intensely spicy palette of flavours brings out particularly full and heady floral tones.

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Great House - Distillery Edition 2021
Edition limitée


The Hampden distillery is specialised in rums with the highest concentrations.

The distillery is equipped with four double-twisted pot stills: the first (John Dore), with a capacity of 7,560 litres, was installed in 1960; the second (Vendôme), with a capacity of 18,900 litres, in 1994; the third (Forsyth), with a capacity of 18,900 litres, in 2010 and the last (TNT), also with a capacity of 18,900 litres, in 2016.
Slow distillations lasting around seven hours produce a rich, powerful new make that comes out of the still at 82%.


 Tasting notes:     

Nose: fine, racy. Very pretty, the first nose is marked by succulent notes of cane sugar, juicy pineapple, cocoa beans and white mint. When aired, it is nourished by acacia and lime tree honeys, aromatic plants (verbena, sage) and candied citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit). Nutmeg and coconut milk form an extremely voluptuous aromatic duo. Superb.

Palate: lively, tense. Intimately linked to the aromatic palette, the attack in the mouth reproduces with rare precision the pineapple, coconut milk and verbena notes of the nose. In the mid-palate, flavours of vetiver, rosemary and savory cover a particularly appetizing cane sugar. Honeyed (acacia, geranium), the aftertaste becomes increasingly medicinal (balsam), camphorated and spicy (star anise, clove).

Finish: long, firm. The beginning of the finish is medicinal (tincture of iodine) and musky. Very fine, it is pastry-like, while scents of vetiver and lime blossom permeate the very end of the mouth. In retro-olfaction, this floral sequence gives way to notes of coriander, lime and honeysuckle. Very concentrated, the empty glass evokes sugar cane, cane sugar, cane syrup and finely caramelised molasses.


Analytical :
70 cl
55% volume
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink in moderation.
"Consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences for the health of the child.

Country : Jamaica
Spirits : Rhum Ron Rum

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