Le vin du mois le nez dans le verre
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Cazottes Gouttes de Poire Williams

Distillerie Artisanale Cazottes

Laurent Cazottes' Goutte de Poire Williams raisined has intense aromas of ripe fruit, with great finesse and superb length in the mouth.

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Distillerie Artisanale Cazottes

Goutte de Poire Williams passerillée


Overripe for over a month, “Williams pears” are selected and sorted daily in order to allow a better concentration of sugars and aromas. It is passerillage.
The tails (peduncles), the eyes (calyces), all the seeds and the bedsores or doubtful evolutions, are removed manually in order to preserve the flavor of the pear. Discernment and cleanliness go hand in hand during crushing to promptly start fermentation.
Without artificial additions, the metamorphosis of aromas and sugars takes place for six weeks.

With a free spirit, the perry becomes of quality. The know-how combined with the still, completes these works to give you "the spirit of williams pears".

Color: It is crystalline. Its luminosity matches perfectly with its limpidity and brilliance. It is highlighted by subtle green and platinum reflections.

Nose: The 1st nose fixes the frame and the direction. The 2nd nose gives sight and depth. Through which the signature of the pear unfolds and establishes itself as the dominant theme highlighted by the quality of the fruit (mellow) and the distillation.

  •     White / yellow / dry / exotic fruits (apple, pear) (white currant, napoleon cherry) (apricot, mirabelle plum, quince) (almond, hazelnut) (passion, pineapple, papaya, coconut);
  •     Citrus fruits (Menton lemon, egly, mandarin, pomelos);
  •     Floral (honeysuckle, rose, iris, peony, acacia, orange tree);
  •     Vegetal (bergamot, ginger, eucalyptus, cedar, lemongrass);
  •     Infusions (verbena, lime blossom, chamomile);
  •     Pastry (butter brioche, kouglof, strudel);
  •     Wax / polish;
  •     Undergrowth (leaf in autumn, mushroom);
  •     mineral (chalk, flint).

Palate: From the start, you can feel the liveliness and the mellowness, not without elegance. They constitute the arched edges allowing the whole to a Gothic elevation. The fruit is fresh, peeled raw, where we find associated citrus (flesh) and white and yellow fruits, with a slightly stewed base. The first will be the vectors of freshness / acidity and the second will lead us towards the mid-palate will bring fat and pastry character.

Freshness / acidity is combined with citrus peel and a noble vegetable induced (bergamot), both elasticity and resistance of the whole.
Alcohol, in the background, is the backbone; reinforces this sensation previously mentioned (elasticity / resistance). With the resurgence of all these elements, the material presents a fatty and pastry character (the skin tone of the pear).
The finish unfolds, on many caudalies, on flavors already encountered: pastry (Charlotte with pear, ...), confectionery (candied fruits), finely corseted by beautiful bitters (bergamot, lime blossom).


35 cl

45% vol.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

"The consumption of alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the health of the child".

Country :France
Région :South West Wines
Organic wine :Vin Bio, Demeter
Type of farming:Organic Agriculture, biodynamic agriculture
Vintage :2018
Keep :Childcare potential of 8 years and over
Spirits :Eau-de-vie de fruit

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Cazottes Gouttes de Poire Williams

Cazottes Gouttes de Poire Williams

Laurent Cazottes' Goutte de Poire Williams raisined has intense aromas of ripe fruit, with great finesse and superb length in the mouth.

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