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Noilly Prat Amber

Noilly Prat - Bacardi

Vermouth   The wine is macerated with a rich assortment of herbs and spices.
The amber and dark Noilly Prat Amber and if the result of intense flavor notes of cinnamon and vanilla added to herbs during maceration.

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     Noilly Prat Ambré
     Apéritif a base de vin produit à Marseillan  dans l'Hérault

Its development is complex and aims to restore the taste of wine imported by boat and on deck exposed to the sun and spray.
Two white wines from the Languedoc, Picpoul and Clairette are aged separately in oak barrels of Canada used because its white sap does not color the wine and its dense fiber leaves little room for evaporation.
After eight months, they are transferred into halves hogsheads, barrels of Limousin oak (more porous), and spend a year outdoors. After this long period of aging in which 6% of the contents of barrels evaporates (this is the "angel's share"), the wines are blended according to a specific assay, then adds mistelles and alcoholates lemon and raspberry.

Then begins in the "secret room", the last step of the production, that of maceration.
Twenty plants and herbs from around the world are used in an undisclosed dosage.

Established in 1986 with more sweet notes thanks to the presence of vanilla, cinnamon and bitter orange peel.
Noilly Prat Amber is developed with the same manufacturing process as the traditional Noilly Prat Dry or Red.

The wine is macerated with a rich assortment of herbs and spices.
The amber and dark Noilly Prat Amber and if the result of intense flavor notes of cinnamon and vanilla added to herbs during maceration.

In the harbor of Marseillan, in the arbor from Camille, you can enjoy a house aperitif, Marseillan, a mixture of Noilly amber and white, a slice of lemon and some Lucques olives country.

75 cl.
16% Vol.
Contains sulfites.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
Consume with moderation.

The consumption of alcoholic drinks during pregnancy, even in small amounts, can have serious consequences on the health of the child

Country : France
Region: Languedoc wine
Color : White wine
Type of farming: conventional agriculture
Style of wines : Ideal vermouth with a slice of orange
Spirits : Vermouth

Noilly prat

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