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Carpano Antica formula

Fratelli Branca

Carpano Antica Formula red vermouth, widely regarded as the king of vermouths, has an unparalleled complexity and finesse, an instantly recognisable character.

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Fratelli Branca

Vermouth - Antica formula

Italie - Piémont

Carpano Antica Formula red vermouth, widely regarded as the king of vermouths, has an unrivalled complexity and finesse, an instantly recognisable character that lends remarkable richness to cocktails, such as Negroni and Manhattan.
It can also be enjoyed neat at the end of a meal, with desserts and mignardises.

Antonio Benedetto Carpano was a famous liquorist from Turin who invented the recipe for vermouth, the Italian aperitif par excellence, in 1786. This recipe has been preserved to this day, and only a very limited quantity of this vermouth rosso, now known as Carpano Antica Formula, is still produced by the Branca Group in Italy.
It is presented in an old-fashioned, individually numbered, blown glass bottle.

This renowned vermouth is distinguished by its delicate vanilla notes and its unparalleled complexity. A personality that it also owes to the quality of its ingredients.
Italian wine (from Emilia-Romagna, Puglia and Sicily) of course, but also vanilla beans from the most prestigious producing regions (Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti) or saffron from Iran and wormwood from Piedmont.
The many aromatic plants used in the Antica Formula recipe are extracted by hot infusion or by cold extraction methods handed down through the centuries, depending on the raw material. These methods, along with the recipe itself, are the secret of this product.

Colour: brown with an amber tint.

Nose: a bouquet of vanilla with spicy, citrus and dried fruit notes of almond, raisins and cloves.

Palate: a full-bodied, pungent vanilla flavour that retains the aromas of the nose. The whole is balanced around flavours of bitter orange, dates, cocoa beans and saffron.

Magnificent complexity!

16.5% volume

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
Drink in moderation.

"Drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences for the health of the child.

Country : Italy
Region: Vin du Piémont
Color : Red wine
Vintage : Not vintage
Spirits : Vermouth

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